Board Meeting Highlights - September 2019

Latest Enrollment Figures

The LDCSB continues to grow. For the 2019-20 school year, we have just over 21,000 students (14,000 elementary and 7,000 secondary).

Capital Priorities Recommendations

The Board of Trustees accepted the recommendation that Administration submit the necessary business cases for capital funding consideration to the Ministry of Education for the following projects:
  • A 12-room addition for St. Anne's, St. Thomas
  • A new Northeast London Elementary School (400 pupil places)
In addition:
  • Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School, Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School, Regina Mundi College, and St. Mary’s Catholic High School are to be offered for community partnership,
  • Administration will investigate adding Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School as a third secondary school offering ESL courses in London.

Innovative and Collaborative Technology Services (ICTS) Summer Update

This summer, ICTS worked on a number of projects, including:
  • Phones: new system with approximately 900 desktop phones
  • Photocopiers and Printers: 130 Xerox copiers replaced with 269 Sharp high-volume copiers. By standardizing models across all sites, 500+ printers were removed, ranging in age from a few to 20 years old.
  • Classroom teacher/presentation computers: System wide replacement of 1,050 computers that were 8-12 years old
  • Processed new classroom technology: 350 laptops, 292 iPads, 348 Chromebooks and 104 Apple TVs


Summer School

Summer School enrollment this year was over 2,300 students, making it the biggest ‘school’ in the LDCSB! Success rate ranged between 95 and 100 percent. The number of Edutravel (travel for credit) students has increased from 48 to 160 over the past six years.

Leadership Recruitment Dinner

Nearly 100 guests attended the dinner and heard a presentation about Meaningful Work. Meaningful work and hardiness may be a function of the leader’s (formal and informal) ability to pull meaning from the individual: What do you value and why do you value it?
Various Leadership opportunities and programs are offered throughout the year:
  • Leadership Series: October-May
  • Call to Lead: October-May
  • Call to Serve: August- May
  • Faith Leadership: October-May
  • Mentoring: October-May

Camp Blast Summer Programming

Camp Blast is a two-week program focusing on numeracy and literacy for elementary students. At the end of the program, most students immediately accessed varied manipulatives, completed their post-assessment much quicker and with greater accuracy than pre-assessment and the oral reading efficiency increased an average of 4.5 words per minute.

St. Joseph’s Catholic High School: “Welcome! We’ve Been Waiting For You”

St. Joseph’s Catholic High School presented some of the initiatives they have undertaken to welcome their new grade nine students and how they have personalized that experience for students and parents.

Student Leadership Conference at Camp Henry

Student Leaders from each of our secondary schools participated in a Leadership Conference at Camp Henry located in Point Pelee National Park. The conference provided the opportunity for our student leaders to network, develop their leadership skills and share ideas and initiatives.