Direct from the Director: "We wish a hug of God for them."

The world, Canada, Ontario and our local community here in London mourns the loss of the 176 people abroad the Ukraine International Airlines flight that died last Wednesday. Those who died were students, professors, teachers, children, a baby, 57 Canadians . . .

“But 63 (later dropped to 57) Canadians didn’t die in that crash. Not really. One did. And then one more. And then one more. And then one more. And then one more. And on and on: Each death an individual tragedy, each a jagged hole torn in the lives of those left behind . . . Every single one of the deaths abroad the plane is being felt today by someone, somewhere, on that scale. Every single victim was a bundle of all the things that make us real: all the moments and emotions, all the peaks and valleys the goals and failures, loves, heartbreaks and simple pleasures that make us alive.” Richard Warnica, National Post

We join our prayers with those around the world who have lost family, friends and loved ones. As a member of the University of Alberta community in their condolence message said, “We wish a hug of God for them.”

“If there is anything, we can take from this tragedy it is perhaps to . . . learn from the example they set. Let us be teachers, caregivers . . . leave the world a better place than where we found it.” Halifax Mayor Mike Savage