Sharing the Gift of Catholic Education

Ontario is blessed to have publicly funded Catholic education. We are one of only three provinces and two territories in Canada with full funding. Some provinces receive partial funding, while others receive no funding at all.

At the LDCSB, we have experienced the many gifts of Catholic education. For thousands of families across Canada, the cost of Catholic education is a challenge. Across the country, schools and school boards are participating in fundraising campaigns to help Catholic families in provinces that receive limited or no public funding for Catholic schools. The Canadian Catholic School Trustees’ Association’s (CCSTA) has created a “Toonies for Tuition” fund for this worthwhile cause.

Over the next few months you will be hearing about a variety of fundraising activities taking place in our LDCSB schools with proceeds going towards the CCSTA’s “Toonies for Tuition” fund. Our board’s donations will help share the gift of Catholic education by making it a possibility for those across Canada who are not as fortunate as ourselves.

“ . . . Catholic schools are places where children and young people may find solid and enduring values to give hope, meaning and purpose to life through an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship, and the certain knowledge of God’s unwavering love for us, provides a firm place to stand in shifting times. The promise is that this true encounter with Jesus can and does take place, each and every day, within our Catholic schools.
Renewing the Promise (P. 15)