Faith Embedded, Faith Witnessed, Faith Renewed

Last week we welcomed back to in-person learning some of our students with special education needs who have difficulty accessing the curriculum through remote learning. Our teachers, educational assistants, administrators, secretaries, and custodians have worked very hard to create safe and supportive learning environments in our schools for our students. A special thank you to our school staff and our central Special Education Learning Services staff for all their work welcoming and supporting the continued learning of our students.
On Saturday Chair Steel and I shared with Catholic Trustees across the Province some of our board’s practices, including our Faith in Action Teams (FIAT), in addressing our strategic priority of ‘providing for and promoting personal and community (school-home-parish) growth in the experience, understanding, witness and expression of our Faith”.
Faith Embedded
Faith Witnessed
Faith Renewed
We are very proud and grateful to all our schools and our parish teams for the work that has taken place and continues to take place to celebrate our faith and provide those opportunities for us to come together to pray. This school year while we cannot be together ‘in person’ as school, home and parish, we continue to see through the use of technology and social media the many ways we are giving concrete witness to our faith: ways in which we welcome, cross the road and patiently accompany one another. Thank you!
By Wednesday, January 20 we expect to know which areas of the province will be permitted to resume in-person instruction as of January 25. In our area early indications are that the shutdown measures are working, as local data is showing improvement. We remain ever diligent in adhering to the public health restrictions in place and pray that the improvements we are presently seeing will continue.
“Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come.” Anne Lamott