All are Welcome

On Friday we came together (albeit virtually) to affirm and celebrate who we are as a community. We came together to pray, to reflect, to share and to grow in our faith.


I thank all our employees for their active participation in the day.


Thanks are extended to Superintendent Kathy Furlong, Mary Bechberger, our Chaplaincy Leaders, our Principals and Fr. Jim Mockler for their leadership in the planning and delivery of an inspiring and faith filled day.


Thank you to a talented cast for their assistance and sharing both in front of the camera and behind the scenes: Mark Adkinson, Ray Garcia, Sharon Gillies, Sarah Irvine, Ray John, George McAuley, Michele Specht, Linda Vandeven and Danielle Wasko.


The Jesuits in Britain have been posting daily a special Lenten retreat. Today, Day 20, coincidentally featured the hymn All are Welcome. As we continue to reflect on the ways we can encourage the building of social friendships in our communities that excludes no one, consider taking a moment sometime today to listen to All are Welcome.


Let us build a house where love can dwell . . . where all are welcome in this place.”

Marty Haugen